Saturday, 8-5-2021
Nisvartha Foundation
Welcome to our organization

Nisvartha Foundation (NF) is a non-profit organization registered under societies Act with a vision to equip less-privileged members of the society with higher education, skills and empower them to make valuable contributions to the society. The journey of NF began in 2009 with a simple idea. There were thousands of talented students from the less-privileged segments of the society who were deprived of higher education due to lack of financial support. Few like-minded individuals believed in the idea of  "be the change you want to see" and that belief made way for the formation of NF. Our strong belief in this idea invited many others and within a short span of time, we have grown to be a strong team of: 35 Corporate Companies , 157 Patrons & 1000+ Donors.

Nisvartha Foundation is managed with “Zero administrative expenditure”. All contributions to Nisvartha is expensed only for students’ educational need.


The Vision is to promote the college education to the needy poor students, particularly rural based by providing education related support, both monetary & in the form of material needs. The focus is on to provide educational opportunity to students who passed out from Govt. Schools with good academic performance


The Mission of the Nisvartha foundation is to impact the lives of less privileged students enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives.

We want each Nisvartha student to

  • Successfully complete the college education
  • Have a deep sense of self-esteem
  • Grow into responsible citizens

We encourage and empower students to dream and realize their dreams