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Nisvartha Innovation Cell

Future-ready is today's mantra for success

Ability, confidence and passion are the keys to achieve capability. With the industry-institute gap expanding and industries preferring skilled employees, skill development is critical for success. To provide better opportunities to Nisvartha students, the Nisvartha Innovation Cell was conceptualized to bridge the Industry-Institute Gap through skill development, benchmarking and research.


NIC Mission

To provide a learning environment where students can bridge the Industry-Institute Gap and become job-ready.

NIC Vision

To develop socially responsible students who outshine themselves in their journey with empathy.


  1. Identifying the passion of students and the right job fit based on personality and capability.

  2. Building student's communication skills as per job requirement with benchmark certification.

  3. Building student's psychometric and behavioral skill as per job requirement with benchmark certification

  4. Ensuring students have mastered the foundational skills for a specific job by additional training and benchmarking with certification.

  5. Providing training in skills required for the current job market and student fit

  6. Arranging workshops and mentoring through industry professionals and experts

  7. Providing a launchpad for conceptualizing ideas and presenting their ideas in conferences / white papers/peer-reviewed journals.

  8. Providing tools and equipment to students to work on industry and socially relevant projects with industry experts as mentors. The Proof of Concepts should lead to quality research publications / Patents. Industry experts working as mentors will help to bridge the industry – zero experience gap leading to a win-win situation

  9. Identify and provide job opportunities by helping students in job search/resume and social media profile building.

  10. Manage digital Transformation, EDA Dashboard and Social Media of Nisvartha Foundation.

Subjects of Focus

Library Books

English & Communication

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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar


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Flagship Project


Balcony Gardening

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The Team

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Dr. Madhusudanan B

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Renuka Natesh


Sahana Santosh


Dhanush Ravi

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