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Student Awards

Nisvartha Foundation, with the generous contributions of the members, gives out special awards for students who have shown exceptional performance during the past academic year

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Sri.Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai Award

Nisvartha Foundation proudly announces Shri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai Merit Scholarship on the occasion of the centenary year of Sri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai, a reputed freedom fighter, teacher and humanitarian. NF is privileged to honour meritorious students thorough this scholarship on his centenary celebration. The details of the scholarship will be published soon. NF strongly believes that Shri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai's blessings will be showered upon students and will inspire them to pursue their dreams. We are thankful to his family members for choosing NF as the medium to bestow his blessing on our students. Please take a few minutes to read about Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai as recalled by his family members.

This award was established by the followers of Sri Yogananda at Nisvartha Foundation with an intent to recognize and encourage Nisvartha students to acquire the power of knowledge through education with a special focus on girl students. The fund will be used to facilitate skill development program to top three girl students based on merit and equip them with specific coaching/training to seek admission to premier institutes such as IIT, IIM, Indian Law School, Reputed colleges providing professional courses and so on. We take immense pleasure in commencing Sri Paramahansa Yogananda Education Fund today and wish good luck to all the students. The top 3 students in SSLC are selected for this award.

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Sri.Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda Award

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Sri.Kovvali Gopalarao & Smt.Kanakamma Award

Nisvartha Foundation proudly announces Sri Kovvali Gopalarao and Smt Kanakamma Merit Scholarship. Sri Kovvali Gopalarao was one of the invaluable leaders created by Freedom Movement in India during 19th century. He represented a life of honesty, truth, dedication and modesty and became a source of inspiration to many. Sri Kovvali Gopalarao was born in 1886 to Sri Gunnayya and Smt Subbamma in Tanuku in Andhra Pradesh.

This award is presented to the top three students who score highest in Mathematics in SSLC public examination. This award is dedicated to Smt Saraswathi & Sri Seetharama Sastry by Mr. Sreehari Seetharama Sastry.

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Smt.Saraswathi and Sri.Seetharama Sastry Award

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