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Sri.Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai Award

Nisvartha Foundation proudly announces Shri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai Merit Scholarship on the occasion of the centenary year of Sri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai, a reputed freedom fighter, teacher and humanitarian. NF is privileged to honour meritorious students thorough this scholarship on his centenary celebration. The details of the scholarship will be published soon. NF strongly believes that Shri Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai's blessings will be showered upon students and will inspire them to pursue their dreams. We are thankful to his family members for choosing NF as the medium to bestow his blessing on our students. Please take a few minutes to read about Kalipatnapu Sesha Sai as recalled by his family members.

Shri Sesha Sai Kalipatnapu was born on 8th April 1911 in Eduru, a small village in Tanuku taluq of West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. Born to Shri Radhanga Pani Kalipatnapu and Smt. Sundaramma, he was one amongst the seven children with four brothers and three sisters.Shri Radhanga Pani was a farmer, a reputed ayurvedic doctor, and a social reformer. As a token of respect to him, the villagers named their hamlet as Kalipatnam. He was very progressive in his outlook, and his children grew up befitting his qualities.

Sesha Sai studied B.Sc. at Banaras Hindu University where his elder brother Shri Kalipatnapu Kondayya had studied M.Sc. Shri Kondayya later worked as a professor in Chemistry. Both the brothers treaded the path of Mahatma Gandhi and joined the great Indian Freedom Movement. Sesha Sai had devoted himself to the freedom struggle. During this period, he worked with stalwarts such as Kovvali Gopala Rao, Cherukuvada Narasimham, Mudiganti Jagganna Sastry, Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh, Bezvada Gopala Reddy and Putchapalli Sundarayya.

In 1930, Sesha Sai left studies at Banaras and returned to Bhimavaram to join the national freedom movement. He, along with his friends, participated in the freedom movement taking up various activities voluntarily: building awareness among rural masses about the need for freedom, inspiring people, organizing protests against the British rule. During this period, he had to undergo lot of hardships, was beaten up by British police and had been put to prison for promoting freedom movement.

Some of his activities as recalled by his family and friends are mentioned here. Sesha Sai and his friends used to write handwritten brochures in Telugu titled "Veera Bharati" describing the exploitation of India by the British and encouraging fellow Indians to protest British rule. They used to make copies with a cyclostyle machine and distribute them clandestinely. They also used to meet people living in villages who were mostly not literates, and explain the need to obtain "swarajyam" and fight against the British government on Gandhian lines. The police came down heavily on them and often resorted to lathi charge. Sesha Sai and his associates would have to flee from one place to another hiding the cyclostyling machine and to avoid police wrath. The Veera Bharathi Karapatralu reached out to common people and had a significant influence on them during those days.

On another occasion, Sesha Sai had hoisted a congress flag in a busy centre in Tanuku. He was picked up by the police and was brutally beaten. The bleeding man was taken to a hospital by his friends where the doctor, fearful of the police, refused to treat him. The scar he received at that time remained on his forehead throughout his life. In 1934, Sesha Sai was arrested at Bhimavaram and convicted for six months along with a fine of ten rupees. He was imprisoned at the Rajahmundry Central Jail. The fine was collected by the authorities from his mother in his village who sold a cow to pay them.

For a few years, Sesha Sai associated himself with his brother Kondayya in running Andhra Chemicals, a chemical factory near Nidadavole set up by Kondayya and in publishing a monthly science magazine titled "Vignanam," probably the first of its kind in Telugu or any Indian language.

After India obtained independence, Sesha Sai did not want to join politics. He did his B.Ed. and joined as a teacher in a Zilla board school at Nidadavole in 1949 and later worked as head master in Zilla Parishad High schools at Duddukuru and Gutala in West Godavari district. He commanded high respect from the fraternity as well as students. He retired in 1971 at Gutala.


Sesha Sai was honoured with Tamrapatra by the Government of India in 1972, the Silver Jubilee year of independence for India.

He lived a simple and honest life and stood up to his ideals and wore only Khadi throughout his life.

Sesha Sai breathed his last on 3rd June 1991 at Eluru, West Godavari district, leaving behind him wife, three sons, three daughters, grandchildren, and a host of admirers.

We salute this freedom fighter, a great teacher, a humanitarian, and a great soul during his centenary birth year.

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Sri.Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda Award

Sri Paramahansa Yogananda is an Indian Yogi who spread the message of Kriya Yoga and meditation in the modern age especially to the Western world. His book, Autobiography of a Yogi has been published in many languages and won great acclaim. Born in 1893 as Mukunda, he was spiritually perceptive since childhood. During teenage, he travelled to many places across India in search of a Guru. At the age of 17, he met his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar. He took the oath of monkhood from his Guru and from then he was called Yogananda Giri. During 1917, he founded a school in West Bengal to teach integrated education for children. The school was later transformed into an organization called 'Yogada Satsanga Society of India’ that focussed on spreading his teachings and was relocated to Ranchi. After staying in his Guru's Ashram for a few years, he travelled to USA. He stayed there for many years and established his organization called Self Realization Fellowship and taught Kriya Yoga in the west. In the words of Sri Yogananda, “there is a power that will light your way to health, happiness, peace, and success, if you will but turn toward that light and this power is within yourself”. Understanding the power, Sir Yogananda spoke about and working for that, is the real education. On 7th March 1952, while attending a dinner function, Sri Yogandana breathed his last while reading from his poem My India, concluding with the words "Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caves, and men dream God—I am hallowed; my body touched that sod." This education fund called as ‘’Sri Paramahansa Yogananda Education Fund’’ is established by the followers of Sri Yogananda at Nisvartha Foundation with an intent to recognize and encourage Nisvartha students to acquire the power of knowledge through education with a special focus on girl students. The fund will be used to facilitate skill development program to top three girl students based on merit and equip them with specific coaching/training to seek admission to premier institutes such as IIT, IIM, Indian Law School, Reputed colleges providing professional courses and so on. We take immense pleasure in commencing Sri Paramahansa Yogananda Education Fund today and wish good luck to all the students. The top 3 students in SSLC are selected for this award.

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Sri.Kovvali Gopalarao & Smt.Kanakamma Award

Nisvartha Foundation proudly announces Sri Kovvali Gopalarao and Smt Kanakamma Merit Scholarship. Sri Kovvali Gopalarao was one of the invaluable leaders created by Freedom Movement in India during 19th century. He represented a life of honesty, truth, dedication and modesty and became a source of inspiration to many. Sri Kovvali Gopalarao was born in 1886 to Sri Gunnayya and Smt Subbamma in Tanuku in Andhra Pradesh.

Though he took up a job after his education, responding to Gandhi's call for participation, he resigned from his career and joined freedom movement. His family, especially his mother and wife cheerfully supported him in this endeavour. He actively participated in all the stages of freedom movement and was known for his extraordinary courage. During the various stages of Indian freedom struggle, such as non-cooperation movement, Dandi Salt Satyagraha, civil dis-obedience movement, Vyatka Satyagraha and Quit India movement, he was sentenced and sent to Jail several times. He spent over eight years in Jails at Rajahmundry, Kadalur, Thiruchunapally, Alipur and Ballari.

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Smt.MV Padma and Late Sri.MV Alasingrachar Award

This award is a token of appreciation for students who secure the highest marks in grade 10. Nisvartha identifies the top performers in class 10 examination for this award. We appreciate the hard work and sincere efforts of students. Their dedication to continue higher education is praiseworthy. We hope that more and more students qualify for this award. The student base of Nisvartha is expected to be the torchbearer of Nisvartha for the future generation. We wish them well in their endeavors and look forward to empowered youth leading the initiative of "spread the light".

Three SSLC students for over all best scores and subject wise toppers for Kannada, English, Hindi, G Science and S. Studies from SSLC are selected for the above award.

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Smt.Saraswathi and Sri.Seetharama Sastry Award

This award is presented to the top three students who score highest in Mathematics in SSLC public examination. This award is dedicated to Smt Saraswathi & Sri Seetharama Sastry by Mr. Sreehari Seetharama Sastry.

My father Mr Seetharama Sastry ( now about 77years old) was my first and probably the best teacher since he taught the most important lessons of life to me. He was every inch a self-made man. As was typical of many low middle-class families of his genre, he lost his father early & took on the responsibilities of his entire family at a very young age. In order to do so, he had to abruptly terminate his education & take up a job.

He became a primary school teacher at a young age of 17 carrying the burden of his entire family, and retired as one after serving for over 40years in the same job. In his limited capacity he has helped a lot of people to come up in life. Though he himself could not study beyond X std, he understood the importance of education & core values through his experience and hardships of life. He was able to instill this importance of education & values system very effectively in his children.

I stayed with my parents only till my V std, before moving on to boarding schools to pursue my education. But I strongly believed that by then, he had laid this strong foundation of focus on education & values in me ( and my brothers), that it held me in good steed throughout my study life and beyond. I owe a lot for what I am today, to my loving father. He also subtly taught in his own way that it is perfectly possible to have a joyful and fulfilling life without necessarily losing focus on your primary goals in life at various stages. He has been a great inspiration & a role model to me in many aspects.

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Late.Sri R. Doraiswamy Iyengar Award

This award is presented to the English Topper in SSLC public examination.

My beloved father Late R. Doraiswamy Iyengar, born on 13/6/1913 in the small village of Marandahalli in the Hosur District, was a revered headmaster, a steadfast follower of Gandhiji's principles and a wonderful father. He had a passion for teaching. His undeviating work to improve several government schools in Tamil Nadu was highly commendable.

He lost his father, Chakravarthi Rajagopala Iyengar who was a Forest Range officer and a landlord, when he was just four. His mother moved with my aunt to Vellore in Tamil Nadu without having access to any of his father's property. The following years, he studied under the guidance of his uncle while working to earn for his family. He took up a job as a school teacher in Government schools (rural areas around Katpadi, Vellore). He graduated in English and Mathematics and followed it up with a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) while serving as a teacher.

He was a true Gandhian at heart and always wore 'Khadi'. He was highly disciplined, straight forward, firmly followed the principle of "Sathyamave Jayathe" and placed high value on moral ethics. He was also part of several freedom fighting movements prior to 1947

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Sri.Gamanalal K Shah Centum Award

In memory of Late Sri Gamanlal K Shah, Mr Vikram Shah (son of Late Sri Gamanlal K Shah) has offered to fund annual awards to II PUC students who score Centum in the final exams.

Late Sri Gamanlal K Shah (13.3.1926 to 21.2.2014) believed in the importance of Education. He had setup a trust to fund education expenses of poor students in Bhavnagar, Gujarath. Any student who finds it difficult to pursue education due to limitation of finds can seek funding from this trust. This has helped many folks to complete their education. Mr Vikram Shah recollects that this funds has supported in the education of many highly qualified professional, some of them have grown to great heights in their career. Thanks to the vision of Sri Gamanlal K Shah.

Post his demise Sri Gamanlal K Shah has set aside some of his savings to support education of poor children. Nisvartha Foundation is very privilege to receive funding from such a visionary person.

Smt. Seetha Narayan Academic excellence award for 2014-15 BSc Degree – Biology Subje

This award is presented to the Biology Topper in the BSc.

Smt.Seetha Narayan w/o S.V.A Narayan, did her B.Sc. honors in 1959 and then worked for two years in Mt. Carmel College. She is fond of Biology as a subject, especially Botany. Her destiny was to serve Canara Bank, though, for 30 long years before retiring. Having been passionate in studies, always wanted to help young and deserving students to achieve more in academics

She is fond of Indian Classical music and has done Vidwat in Vocal. She has a son and a daughter and enjoys spending time with grand kids. She is excited to see her son, Srinivas Jayanth and daughter in law Roopasri Jayanth, putting their best efforts during free time in helping the students of Nisvartha to realize their dreams

Her ambition of awarding a bright student securing the highest marks in Science, in Degree, is coming true through Nisvartha Foundation, coinciding with their 50th wedding anniversary, in 2015. She enjoys spreading the word about the selfless work being done by Team Nisvartha and also raises funds to Nisvartha through her network.

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